If your drains are cracked or deteriorating, cured-in-place pipe (CIPP) relining can be an ideal solution for preventing serious drainage problems. Damaged pipes put your property at risk of sewer flooding, leaking, blockages, foul odours and water egress that can contribute to subsidence, making it vital to get damaged drains and sewers repaired without delay.

CIPP relining is an ideal alternative to digging up and replacing large sections of pipe, which can be inconvenient and costly. The solution in the vast majority of cases is to install a cured-in-place pipe repair or liner, which is cost-effective and minimises any disruption to your business.

With CIPP relining, we make long-lasting fixes and improvements to sewer pipes and drains without the need to dig, which is why this method is also known as ‘no-dig technology’. The CIPP process not only fixes the immediate problem, but also heads off the chance of further issues in the host pipe for years to come.


CIPP relining is a multi-purpose solution, so can be deployed in a wide range of commercial, industrial and domestic asset maintenance applications.

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